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Published: 10/21/2015

by Patricia Nugent

When Nicholas Bigrigg suffered disk herniations at L5-S1 while playing professional indoor football, he was left with debilitating pain shooting down his leg and foot, and a doctor’s recommendation for surgery that would end his career.

He chose to research his options further and discovered the field of chiropractic biophysics. Working with these practitioners to realign his spine, not only was his pain relieved but he was even able to play another year of professional football.

 He was so impressed with the results, he became passionate about wanting to help people the same way. To do so, he needed to educate himself. It took years of study, culminating in a doctorate degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic and several more years of working at a Chicago chiropractic practice. An Amherst native coming home, Dr. Nick introduced this life-changing protocol to Northeast Ohio with the opening of Aligned Health Center in Westlake this past February.

“A healthy spine is integral to overall health,” says Dr. Nick. “Various things like arthritis or injuries to the spine at any age can cause it to be improperly aligned.” 

Through a series of rehabilitative procedures, chiropractic biophysics gets your spine aligned back to within normal values.

“Correct posture and a properly aligned spine will increase your range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and improve your overall health,” says Dr. Nick. “The change patients remark on with the most enthusiasm is the improvement in their chronic pain.”

Traditional vs. Chiropractic BioPhysics

Chiropractic biophysics is evidence-based medicine with the goal to achieve optimal posture and spine alignment. Throughout the entire treatment period, improvement in pain and function are documented.

Where many traditional chiropractic techniques rely solely on adjustments, at Aligned Health Center alignment is also achieved through weights and pulleys on equipment designed to remold the shape of the spine. And unlike many traditional chiropractors, where you may need to keep going back indefinitely, once the shape of your spine is remolded, barring any future injury, it will remain in its correct posture for the rest of your life.

Mapping Out the Process

A patient’s experience begins with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nick, where health conditions, personal and family health history, and overall health goals are discussed. He performs an exam that includes a chiropractic evaluation checking the spine by hand to assess position,  curvature, muscle tone and range of motion. He takes a series of digital X-rays to document the structure of the spine.

“As soon as 24 hours after the initial exam, the patient comes back and we go over the findings,” he says. “I take the time to discuss the patient’s health concerns, review the findings, and provide a customized care plan to address the cause of concerns.”

Dr. Nick recommends that everyone—whether a professional athlete, soccer mom, college student, or senior citizen—get a healthy spinal check-up, even if the person isn’t having specific issues.

“Every spinal condition, such as sciatica, begins at some point with misalignment,” he says. “The sooner you correct even the smallest issues, the better you’ll feel in the long run.”

Speaker Series

Through the “Lunch and Learn” program, Dr. Nick has been a featured speaker at countless lunch and dinner functions, whether at companies, church groups, or organizations.

“We cater the meal and I speak about the connection between spinal health and overall health,” he says.

Aligned Health Center is located at 2237 Crocker Road, Suite 110, in Westlake, across the street from Crocker Park. It accepts all insurances. In addition to improving lives within the center, Dr. Nick has been named The 2015 Official Team Chiropractor for the Lake Erie Crushers. To schedule your free initial consultation or to schedule a “Lunch and Learn” for as few as three people, call 440-385-7357. Visit for hours as well as to request online an appointment.

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