What to expect when you visit us for the first time


New Patient Paperwork 

All new practice members are required to fill out the new patient paperwork as completely as possible.  This form will be provided upon arrival. By having the form filled out before your appointment, you can save yourself up to 15 minutes on your first visit. Please select the location of your upcoming appointment to access the new patient intake forms.

Westlake Office Patient Intake Forms

Beachwood Office Patient Intake Forms



A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health conditions, personal and family health history, and your overall health goals.  This consultation will provide us with a better understanding of your current health status.  This allows us to locate the cause of your health conditions, and properly address your specific needs. 


A thorough exam will be performed including applicable physical exams, neurological exams, and orthopedic exams.    The information gathered during the exam is critical in aiding the doctor in making his diagnosis and formulating a care plan to get you on the road to reaching your health goals.   

Chiropractic Exam

The last part of the assessment will include a Chiropractic Evaluation.  This will include a range of motion evaluation requiring you to bend forwards, backwards, and sideways.  This will also include palpation, which allows us to check your spine by hand. Palpation will include static palpation and motion palpation to evaluate spinal position, curvature, muscle tone, and restricted range of motion.


Digital Postural X-Ray

Chiropractic Postural X-Rays may be required based on individual assessment results.  Chiropractic postural x-rays are an important component of the examination process.  Postural x-rays allow us to evaluate the structure of the spine and help to locate subluxations.  They also give information relative to the position of the misaligned posture in what direction the posture has misaligned, and the extent of spinal degeneration.  At Aligned Health Center, we firmly believe, "to see is to know and not to see is to guess"!


Schedule Your Report of Findings

At the completion of your exam our helpful staff will schedule your Report of Findings appointment.  This appointment will be scheduled within a few days of your initial visit.  Your consultation, exam,  chiropractic evaluation, and postural x-rays will all be thoroughly reviewed  by the doctor prior to your report of findings.  At the report of findings, the doctor will then take the time to discuss your health concerns, review his findings, and provide you with a customized care plan to address the cause of your concerns.   The customized care plan the doctor presents includes specific instructions for you in order to receive the best and highest quality of care that produces the fastest results.  You are now on your way to reaching your health goals!


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